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Hold Order Fulfillment in Shopify
Hold Order Fulfillment in Shopify

Learn how to automate order hold-fulfillment in Shopify to prevent delivery issues

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The hold orders feature is a great way to prevent problematic orders from being fulfilled by your 3PL or warehouse. This feature is exclusively for Shopify and Shopify Plus stores.

When this feature is enabled, if Address Guard detects a deliverability issue with the entered shipping address or if an address rule is triggered then the order will be changed to “On-Hold” within your Shopify orders page.

The hold will then be automatically removed once the customer updates their address, resulting in the order set to the default “open” status for fulfillment.

Get Started

Within your Address Guard account, please go to: Order Automations

Once on this page, you'll two sections:

  • Order Fulfillment

  • Cancel Order Automation

For the purpose of this guide, we will be covering only the Order Fulfillment section. If you'd like to learn more about the Cancel Order Automation feature, please see our support guide.

Within the Order Fulfillment section, you have the option of selecting the reason for the order to be placed on hold.

  1. Update order fulfillment to On Hold for PO Box only

  2. Update order fulfillment to On Hold for any address issue - this option is recommended if you want to ensure all deliverability issues and all address rules that are enabled are checked.

The last setting is to select when this order will be released from On Hold. We recommend to keep the option indefinite selected to prevent any early releases.

Once completed, click Save and you're all set.

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