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Unique ways to validate addresses

Learn about the unique options to display the address popup or extension on your checkout

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Now that Address Guard is installed to your store, the next step is to customize the location of your address popup or extension. Depending on your e-commerce platform & plan, there are various locations where you can select to display.

This guide will walk you through the various methods we support today.

Unique ways by Platform

Today Address Guard provides Global Address Validation for the following platforms:

  • Shopify & Shopify Plus

  • BigCommerce

  • Magento 2

  • WooCommerce

  • Maropost (Neto)

  • Custom Platforms via API

A. Shopify Platform

For Shopify, there are 3 possible locations which depend on your store plan.

  • After Checkout

  • Before Checkout (checkout extensions) - Shopify Plus only

  • Before Checkout (checkout.liquid) - Shopify Plus only

To see a live example of each method, we recommend to watch our demo video:

Within your Address Guard account, you can see the 3 options by going to: Display > Pop-up , and select the radio button option:

  1. After Checkout - by default this option is selected, which will display the address popup on the order confirmation (thank you) page once the customer has completed their order. This is helpful as it doesn’t interfere with the checkout flow process. In addition, there are no scripts or extra steps to follow, simply select this radio button and you’re all set.

  2. Before Checkout (checkout extensions) - If your Shopify store has the Plus plan, then this option is available to you. Checkout extensions allow you to validate the shipping address as soon as the customer enters it during checkout. To learn more about this option, check out our support guide.

  3. Before Checkout (checkout.liquid script) - If your Shopify store has the Plus plan, then this option is available to you as well. This option allows you to display the address popup on the shipping page. This method is similar to checkout extensions except it utilizes our standard popup versus the extension banner. However, Shopify has indicated that checkout.liquid will be depreciated in August 2024. Our setup guide is available here to review.

For this reason, Shopify is recommending all merchants upgrade their checkout experience before this occurs.

B. Other Platforms

All other platforms, utilize our standard After Checkout option, which will display the popup once the customer completes their order and lands on the thank you page.

C. Custom API

For brands utilizing our Custom API, you have the complete flexibility to display the validation messaging before or after checkout in any format you prefer. The validation API output will return our suggestion, alongside various tags and rule information to better prompt the customer.

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