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Order Tags

Discover the importance of pushing tags to your Shopify orders

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For brands utilizing the Shopify platform, Address Guard can automatically assign order tags based on different address and deliverability conditions.

These conditions can include the RDI (residential Vs commercial address) or if an address has an issue such as missing an apt # or invalid house number. The tags are meant to give your logistics team in Shopify better visibility into how orders are being validated.

We highly recommend to enable Order Tags to better assist your team.

Get Started

Today, there are 15+ order tags which include both common address issues, deliverability related, and also the ability to push order notes to the Shopify orders page.

To access your order tags go to: Rules & Tags > Order Tags

By default most Order Tags are disabled, however all it takes is 1-click to enable the desired Order Tag, then click Save.

There are 3 sections on this page to be aware of:

Common Tags - these tags are related to how the customer is interacting with the order, such as updates being made to the address, an suggestion being skipped, or if a particular type of address was detected (ex: PO Box).

Deliverability Tags - these tags are related to your enabled Address Rules, and also if the address contains a problem that will inhibit a safe delivery such as a Missing Apt #.

Order Updates - the last two options are not tags themselves, but rather how the platform should handle updates to the order page:

Order Notes - Address Guard can push related notes to the orders page to indicate updates being made.

Remove invalid tags - Address Guard can automatically remove an invalid deliverability tag once the customer corrects the address. We highly recommend to keep this enabled, so that confusion is not caused internally if an address was updated, but yet the tag still shows the Unit missing.

Note: Address Guard will still maintain deliverability tags on an order if the customer attempts to update their address with incorrect information.

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