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Getting started with Shopify Plus
Getting started with Shopify Plus

Easily connect Address Guard to your Shopify Plus store and learn about unique features.

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Ready to begin validating customer orders, and eliminate failed order deliveries? Address Guard only takes a few minutes and then you’ll be all set. This article will go through setting up your new account and also the unique features available to your account.

Unique Features

Since your store is utilizing Shopify Plus, this opens up several features that are not available on other plans, due to limitations by Shopify.

  • Before Checkout Validation (checkout extensions & checkout.liquid) support

  • Checkout Workflows

Getting Started with Address Guard

Follow these steps to ensure you’re all setup and ready to go:

  1. Install the Address Guard to your store by visiting this link or by searching “address guard” on the Shopify App Store.

  2. Click “Add App

  3. Once on the confirmation screen, you’ll need to accept charges to complete the install process. All new accounts are given 100 free validations to ensure you’re happy with the platform. After that, it’s simply $0.03 per United States order & $0.04 per International order across 240+ countries.

  4. After the app is successfully installed, we recommend watching our complete account walkthrough video - which handles all pages in your new account.

5. Once the onboarding popup is closed, you’ll be on the dashboard. Depending on your preference for where the address validation prompt is displayed, we recommend the following tutorials:

  • After Checkout - no additional work or scripts need to be added.

  • Before Checkout - depending on the method (checkout extensions or checkout.liquid) additional steps are needed. Please click the above links to view these support guides.

Subscription App Orders

If your brand is currently utilizing a subscription app such as ReCharge for your customer's orders, these orders are automatically validated when they flow into your Shopify account via Shopify Checkout. Likewise, if you're using the legacy version of ReCharge (outside of Shopify Checkout), then these orders will not see our typical flow (checkout extensions or popup). Instead the customer will receive our email notification after the order flows into your Shopify account.

3rd Party Marketplace Orders

Similar to subscription app orders, Address Guard can also validate the shipping address on orders made on 3rd party marketplaces, such as Facebook, TikTok, Ebay and others. The only requirement for this functionality to automatically work, is if these orders all flow into your Shopify account via their respective sales channel. When an order flows in, Address Guard is notified, and validation occurs in real-time. If an issue is detected, tags are added to the order, and the customer will receive our standard email notification helping them to fix the address issues.

Next Steps

To further customize your account including design changes, enabling address rules and order tags, we recommend to check out these support guides:

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